Take Your Blog to the Next Level

Here are some tips to get your blog to work for you:

1. Develop a content calendar - think of topics that will make your readers smarter and that will establish you as the expert you are. For example, if you are a real estate agent, a topic such as a checklist of to do's for sellers. Think of 5 topics and as you write one, replace that one with another topic. Schedule those topics on a calendar and publish them consistently.

2. Share posts on social media. Some say to post 2 X daily on social media. That feels like a lot to me but do what feels good to you. A post on social media can be just...check out my latest blog post @ your latest blog topic on my website.

3. Share past content within new updated posts. For example, and let's stay with the real estate theme here, let's say you posted something about "pre-development condominiums". Now you can post that those condominiums are having an open house on such and such a date.

4. Add photos and/or videos. It's more than fine to have photos of the same thing on your social media sites as well. People love to look at pictures.

5. Reach out to other bloggers in your field. Interact and associate with them. Invite them to post on your blog. Maybe they'll invite you to post on theirs. These relationships bring your name and your brand to new audiences.

6. Copy URLs and/or articles with links to your blog that are relevant to the content of your blog/your expertise. This helps generate a back and forth relationship with your readers to enhance blog loyalty.

7. If you have employees or advisers or loyal readers, invite their opinions, their thoughts, their help in promoting/referencing your blog and MAKE SURE to credit them to help boost their morale and visibility.

Writing is communicating and communicating is a two way street.

Writing and communicating take effort, persistence and consistency.

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