Women! RUN!!!!!

Women!!! RUN for equal and quality education for all, run for affordable housing, run for equal health care for all, run for equal pay and fair representation for all, run for freedom and justice for all, run for our environment, run for choice, run for peace, run for our lives, run for yours! Throw your hat in the ring and run...run for your local school board, your local City Council, your local Mayorship, your State Legislature, your Congressional District, your US Senate. If you yourself choose not to run this time, encourage your best friend to run. If she can't or won't, find a person (preferably a woman) who is running and Help Her Win. This blog is about helping you and your candidate WIN. How? By helping you learn how to raise money for your campaign and for her campaign.

Know that this blog is dedicated to all women everywhere and to Donald Trump. He has already and will continue to take us back to the Pleistocene era. We, you, I have a lot of work to do. Run!!! Before it's too late.

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