New Rules for Paragraphs

Just two rules...SHORT and RHYTHM.

Short is sweet on your reader's phone (where many readers will read your words).

Rhythm is motion on the page that invites your reader's eyes and brain to engage, connect and flow with your words.

1. SHORT paragraphs are REQUISITE for 2017 paragraphs.

* Short means 2-5 lines

* Short means short sentences

* Short means a lot of white space

* Short means a lot of breaks in and on the page

* Short means bite-sized chunks of information, one chuck at a time

* Short means easy to read

* Short means easy to scan

2. RHYTHM announces your NEXT, NEXT, NEXT paragraphs.

* Rhythm means variation in terms of length and size - too many of one length/size paragraph = boring

* Rhythm means one topic per paragraph - this is critical for clarity

* Rhythm means emphasis on your beat, emphasis on your conclusion, emphasis on the solution


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