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Writing Matters

As a writer, ghostwriter, marketing specialist, strategic planner, researcher and development specialist, I’ve had the opportunity to work on many types of projects for a wide variety of business sectors and clients. I'm a fast and impeccable researcher who can help you find your voice and identify exactly what you need to say.


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"Steinberg’s canny ability to hear and communicate the 'voice' of her client and their respective product, service, and goal generates attention, connectivity and loyalty."   KM   

Engaging, Collaborative and Effective


You have 7 seconds, a blink of an eye really, to capture your reader’s attention (per Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink).

For those 7 seconds, I help you illuminate and structure the words that matter. Hence, Writing Matters.

As owner of  Writing Matters, I work to connect you with words from the get-go. I “thin slice" data, opinions, thoughts, perceptions…what Gladwell calls filtering out extraneous variables in order to spotlight the few factors that actually matter to content. 

Creative, collaborative, consistent services across all channels and partnerships.

Marketing/Consulting Services

  • Strategic Planning

    • Agile communications

    • Communications strategies

  • Content Marketing

    • Corporate communications

    • Presentations

    • Email marketing

    • Marketing/media packaging

  • Branding Identity

  • Event Development and Marketing


  • Campaigns 

    • Campaign conception 

    • Campaign implementation

    • Fundraising and development packages

Writing/Ghostwriting Services

  • Web Content

  • Blog Postings

  • Articles

  • Profiles

  • Product/Service/Business

  • Summaries

  • Position and White Papers

  • Media Blitzes

  • Sponsorship/Pitch Packages

  • Essays

  • Legislation

  • Presentations/Speeches

  • Applications

Editing Services

  • Text Editing

  • Books

  • Business Plans

  • Project Summaries

  • Product/Services Summaries

  • Development Proposals

  • Application Essays

"Steinberg gets me.
She gets my business. Now, other people do too."  KL

Janet Steinberg, Owner Writing Matters


Most recently, I've been writing, editing and ghostwriting engaging, clear, credible web content (articles, profiles, blog postings, service/business summaries, etc.) for a variety of business sectors and professionals. 


My Background and Training include:

  • M.A in Counseling Psychology

  • M.A. in Political Science

  • Specialty credentials in Coaching, Leadership Training, Administrative Services and Counseling

  • Licenses: Career to Coaching and Counseling/Teaching


My Past Job Roles include:

  • National Finance Director for a successful U.S. Senate campaign that raised +$20M

  • Dean of Research and Development and Founder/Director of two targeted programs in higher education that were awarded national model status


My Publications include:

  • Mining for Gold, an anthology of profiles on athletes

  • Narrative, poetry, and forward for an award winning photography book, Telluride: Nature and Dreams

  • Editor, Help for Plantar Fasciitis

  • Ghostwriter and editor for several books

  • Writing for a wide range of national and regional publication

Writing Matters: "He Said, She Said..."

“Janet’s great.  Very responsive and super easy to work with.  She’s engaging, fast, and gets it right.  Her research skills are excellent.  She makes it all work!”  HH


“Janet is a formidable wordsmith and overall a delight to work with!  Her professionalism, responsiveness, optimistic outlook, consideration of deadlines, receptiveness make her an outstanding writer.”  HG


“Steinberg is very resourceful.  She kept me apprised at all times.  Very reliable.”  PMS


“Steinberg’s writing has generated attention and enabled the reader to understand the mission of my business which moves quickly to attract new clients.  Whenever I have a writing project, I look to her to handle it all..  My expectation is that her writing will produce results…it always has.”   LH

"I asked a good friend who is a talented writer to review Janet's work.  He was completely  blown away..he told me that he wished he could write as well.  Obviously, I'm thrilled with her work and I know you will be too."  DS

Writing Matters: TIPS

Write “your” self, not someone you’d like to be or
someone you think “they” would like you to be.


Be direct.


Be clear.


Use action verbs.

Have a sense of humor about most everything and everyone, including

Write your first draft straight through without editing it.  You’ll have lots of
time for editing later.


Tell your internal critic to go to sleep, get lost, keep quiet.


Writing is really rewriting again and again and again and again…


Every person, business, candidate, athlete, musician…everyone has a story to tell and everyone loves to hear and read stories.  Writing Matters can help you tell yours.


Be brave.

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